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All teams must be registered with the New England Impact NPL League and have their US Club Soccer passes and their official US Club Soccer team roster. All information must be current. All players must be on the single printed US Club official roster; US Club pass players from within an Impact club may be handwritten onto the game day roster. US Club passes, all from the same club, must be used for all New England Impact NPL League play. No coach or player may participate if their pass is not provided to the referee.

Roster Size
The master roster size for US Club teams is 26. Master rosters are not frozen and may include any valid US Club carded player within the Club.  Players can only play in 1 game per day.

Guest Players
Guest players, defined as players from an outside club, are NOT permitted in the New England Impact NPL League play.

Eligibility is open to all youth irrespective of race, nationality, sexual orientation, color or religious affiliation or non-affiliation. The league is limited to youth players. 

Age Eligibility
Players must be registered with US Club. Players are bound to play on only one Club in the league. Players are permitted to play on any age-appropriate team, from within their own Club.



Eligibility to coach is open to all adults irrespective of race, nationality, sexual orientation, color or religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Clubs are responsible for selecting coaches. The Clubs’ coaches must adhere to the rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by the league. The league is not responsible for the selection process or for providing coaches to the Clubs.
Minimum Age of a Coach 
An individual must have attained the minimum age of 18 years old in order to coach up to U14 and 21 years old in order to coach up to U18, prior to being issued a US Club pass. 

Coach Presence at Games
The Club must have a coach or administrator from within the same club, at all scheduled matches in which the team participates. The coach or administrator must be in possession of a valid US Club coaching pass, from the club as the team. A Coach must be present throughout the entire match or the match will be terminated and forfeited to the opponent, 3-0. A maximum of three  (3) coaches are permitted on the team’s sideline per match. 

Multiple Coaching Passes
Coaches may have a US Club pass for each team in which they coach. Coaches may only coach for a team affiliated with the same Club and USSF entity, and the pass they use must be present at the scheduled match.

All US Club sanctioned competitions must be played in accordance with the most current FIFA laws of the Game and the modifications noted within these rules unless specifically accepted by authorization of the South Atlantic Premier League Board. It is the responsibility of all coaches and referees to be thoroughly familiar with and abide by the FIFA laws and these modifications.

New England Impact NPL League Rule Modifications and Substitution Recommendations:

U13 - U19 Substitution Rules

  • Substitutions: U13-U19: FIFA, seven (7) per half.  Unlimited re-entry


Ball Size

  • U13 and older teams all utilize ball size #5


Host Club must provide at least 3 balls for each game, with a minimum of 1 ball placed behind each goal.
Age Group / Duration of the Game
·       U13 & U14: 35 minute halves (10 minute halftime period)
·       U15 & U16: 40 minute halves (10 minute halftime period)
·       U17 & U18/U19: 45 minute halves (15 minute halftime period)
·       Referees should provide appropriate stoppage time in every game.


  • All U13 & U14 games must be scheduled 2pm or later (unless agreed upon by both Club Directors)
  • All games should have an international start.
  • Referees should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled kick off time.
  • Teams split referee fees at EVERY game regardless of who the home team is.
  • Uniforms: Home Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any short | Away Team: light shirt, light socks, any shorts 


Games will be scored as follows: 

  • 3 points for a win 
  • 1 points for a tie 
  • 0 point for a loss  


If total points are tied at the end of the season, placements will be determined by the following tie breakers:

  • 1st tiebreaker - Head to head
  • 2nd tiebreaker - Goal difference
  • 3rd tiebreaker - Goals against
  • 4th tiebreaker - Goals for

Impact Cup - Tiebreaker

If games are tied at the end of regulation, 2 x 5 minute periods of GOLDEN GOAL will take place.  If scores are still tied there will be a PK Shootout - 5 each then sudden death (if needed)

Severe Weather
In the event of severe weather conditions, players will be permitted to wear a sweat suit or similar trousers and stockings, or other type of clothing under their team uniform. Sweat pants must have no metallic buckle, snaps, buttons or other items that the referee considers dangerous to any player.

The Goalkeeper is permitted to wear a tracksuit or similar trousers and stockings or other type of clothing in all League sanctioned activities. The Goalkeeper is also permitted to wear a vinyl foam soft soccer helmet. 
Coaching from the sidelines  
Coaching from the sidelines is permitted, so long as one is giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy, tactics and position provided that the following conditions are complied with:

  1. No mechanical devices are used
  2. The tone of voice is informative and sportsmanlike


Substitutions with the consent of the Referee at any stoppage in play:

  1. Change with The Goalkeeper: Any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper provided that the Referee is informed before the change is made, and that the change is made during a stoppage in the game.
  2. Substitution Procedure: When a goalkeeper or any other player is to be replaced by a substitute, the following conditions shall be observed:
  3. The Referee shall be informed of the proposed substitution before it is made.
  4. The substitute shall not enter the field of play until the player he is replacing has left, and then only after having received a signal from the Referee.
  5. Enter the field during a stoppage in the game, and at the halfway line.


The referee will return all player cards at halftime to both teams for the second half.
Bad Weather and/or Poor Field Conditions
Game Terminated by the Referee: Should the match be terminated by the Referee prior to the time specified in the rules, for reasons of bad weather, poor field conditions, or darkness, the entire game must be replayed. (FIFA Law VII).
a) Referee Reports

a) Referee Reports

The Referee shall submit email a Referee Report for each match officiated, within forty-eight (48) hours (Holidays excluded) after the completion of the match via the website


c) Caution
1.         Yellow Card - Cautioned A Yellow Card is displayed by the Referee to indicate that a Player or Coach is being cautioned for violating FIFA, Laws of the Game.
2.         Two (2) Cautions If a Player or Coach receives two (2) cautions during one match, the Player or Coach will be ejected from the match, and a suspension is in effect.
3.         Three (3) Cautions If a Player or Coach receives three  (3) cautions during a season, a suspension is in effect.
4.         Disciplinary Committee The Disciplinary Committee, at its discretion, will determine the length of the suspension and any other punishments, fines, and/or assessments.
d) Ejection

1.         Red Card - Ejection A Red Card is displayed by the Referee to indicate that a Player or Coach is ejected from the match, and a suspension is in effect. 
2.         Disciplinary Committee The Disciplinary Committee, at its discretion, will determine the length of the suspension and any other punishments, fines and/or assessments.
3.         Appear Before Disciplinary Committee A player or Coach who receives a red card or the equivalent, will, at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee, be summoned to appear at a hearing. Should the player or Coach fail to appear, he/she will be suspended until such appearance is made. The Disciplinary Committee, at its discretion, will determine the length of suspension and/or any other punishments, fines, or assessments. The club will be assessed a minimum of $50.00 each time a coach (Coach) is issued a red card, unless waived by the Disciplinary Committee.  Should a player be summoned to appear, the Coach or Club representative from his/her designated team must accompany him/her. Any player under age 18 called before the committee will be required to make sure a parent or legal guardian be present.
4.         Suspended from Consecutive Competition A player or Coach shall be suspended from consecutive competition in the league.
5.         Team Refuses to Continue If a team refuses to continue to play after being so instructed by the Referee, the team will forfeit the game, 3-0.
6.         Reports Will Be Reviewed By The Disciplinary Committee The Referee Report and the Supplementary Referee Report shall be reviewed by the League’s Disciplinary Committee, who shall determine the punishment, fine, and/or assessment. The Disciplinary Committee shall notify the parties involved, in writing, of the decision.

Entry onto Field of Play
No Club official, Club member, team manager, player, or spectator may enter the field of play regardless of the circumstances, unless the Referee has given them permission. If this is disregarded, they shall become subject to disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee.
Accidents or Unusual Incidents
The Referee must report any accident or unusual incident to the league.

** The Board of Directors have the right to review, implement changes or updates to these rules on a case-by-case basis.**


It is the home team's responsibility to submit the scores (and cards) each week

All scores must be entered before 11.59pm on Sunday evening.

How to report scores:

League Pin: 1234

Enter your game number (found on match card) to locate your game

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